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Shanghai Tianshi Business Consulting LTD (Tianshi Consulting) is committed to advocate international collaborations between global educational institutions.  Since 2010, Tianshi Consulting has expanded to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, and many other important coast cities and provinces.  We gathered many partners from 211 and 985 projects, as well as certified top 500 overseas public universities. We developed various different collaboration projects with our overseas partners. Over years, Tianshi never ceases to improve itself. We helped thousands of students step out of China, get to know the world, develop a better self, and achieve their dreams. Understand the World, Run the World!

Our founder, Miss Fangjie Hu, is also the Vice Chair of Zhentao Wang Foundation. Mr. Zhentao Wang, Chair of Aokang Co., Ltd., started the private charity foundation in 2007. As the first foundation named after an independent entrepreneur, Zhantao Foundation gathers many passionate individuals, strengthen its organization, and advocates its motto “Send love, let dreams fly”to many places over years. Through the projects over in the past eight years, the foundation invested in education, poverty, school construction, and senior care. The services of the foundation extend across many different fields. Geographically, the foundation has set roots in more than 20 provinces across the country. Over 50 million dollars were invested in the project,“Love Relay”. The project  helped more than 10 thousand poor students complete college education. At the same time, the gross donation reached 165 million dollars. The foundation will continue to encourage more people to join the projects in order to send more love and support to our society. 


Work and Travel USA (WAT,USA Paid Internships for College Students), PASSAGES Overseas Career Training for College Students, Undergraduate & Graduate Programs at prestigious universities in USA, Undergraduate & Graduate Programs at prestigious universities in New Zealand, and overseas collaborations etc. Until today, our professional team has helped thousands of students enter Chinese and foreign colleges. Taint Consulting aims to assist youth students know more about the world through authentic experiences abroad and learn more about themselves along the journey. “Understand the world, Run the world”. Different programs will provide opportunities, which will inspire students to think and make a better decision for their future.