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      Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Education is a collaborative program between Chinese and foreign educational institutions. The collaboration does not involve creation of new institutions because it is a direct partnership between Chinese and foreign institutions. The program incorporates academics and professional training and is oriented towards Chinese citizens. Now, the commonly seen Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Education programs are higher education or occupational training collaborations supported by government.

      The head of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges under Ministry of Education, Jianjun Cen, introduced Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Education as an important project for the advancement of international cooperation and exchanges in education. These programs import quality educational resources, accelerate internal reforms in education, improve accessibility to professional training, and diminish our inadequacy in education development. Since 2010, the department has successfully helped promotions of several Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Education programs in accordance to government policy. These programs include:

     The collaboration between Western Oregon University, USA, and Yantai University in China characterizes a 3+1 double-degree undergraduate program in Law. The program was approved by Ministry of Education on Dec. 31, 2012 and started recruitment in 2013. The 3+1 double-degree undergraduate program in Law (Regional Crime Information Analysis) requires four years of studies in both universities. The students complete the first three years at Yantai University. In the final year, students finish the core courses at Western Oregon University. Students who completed all courses will receive a double-degree diploma in Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Western Oregon University and in Bachelor of Laws from Yantai University.


Details about Ministry of Education approval: