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Work and Travel USA (WAT) is based on the Smith-Mundt Act passed in 1948 which allowed students came to US in summer, and worked at the same time. The law was later incorporated into Fulbright-Hayes Act in 1961. Now WAT is governed by US Congress.
WAT gained popularity in 2007. It has been operated more than 20 years in Taiwan and Hong Kong; yet more than 40 years in Europe and Asia. There are more than tens of thousands students came to US on J-1 visa annually to learn, work and nurture their global view in every summer for 8-16 weeks. The program allows students to deep probe American culture, experience real American life, and further nurture students to become independent.  
This program offers a channel for foreign students globally to step into the business arena to learn American lives and culture, to elevate their English, and to work with their American counterparts. In addition, J-1 visa allows foreign students to work with American students with the same pay. This represents American human rights and equality under the labor laws; also it may reduce the economic burden for foreign students in the US.