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Over Values

Passion, Embracement, Service, Love, Persistence. 


Tianshi team aspires to become the leader in the field of international cultural exchange. We follow rules and never cease to improve ourselves. 

We are young and friendly people who maintain a modest attitude and embrace others. We are passionate and never give up. 

We have goals and do only what is meaningful. 

We respect knowledge and certainly every individual we come across. 

We strive to provide the most genuine service and love for every youth who has a dream. 

 Tianshi Mascot

The name of our mascot is “Diandian”. She looks like a little angel because we want her to represent love, commitment, hope, and inspirations in life. 

Since her birth in 2010, she has travelled across China to spread love and wisdom. 

She gives people care. She helped in the project, “Love Kitchen”. The project ensures children who live in poverty to enjoy free lunch and grow happily. 

She gives people warmth. She also participated in“Love Shoe Shelves “, which sent out shoes for kids who live in cold weather. 

She gives people courage. She encouraged countless youths to step out of China and explore the unknown in other parts of the world. 

She gives people wisdom. She inspired youths to discover their potentials, chase their dreams, and give back to society. 

Our Little Angel “Diandian”has passed her love and wisdom her love and wisdom to many others. They also help people around them with care. It could be a complementary look, a few courageous words, a brief experience sharing. We are all angels with a heart full of love. We can all spread the positive energy and make our world a better place.