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1、Program Introduction

       New Zealand 3+2 postgraduate program aims at  obtaining a master's degree in New Zealand public universities (including Lincoln University, University of Canterbury, Massey University)。

       Help domestic junior students who attend the majors such as Business, Foreign Language, Humanity and etc, to obtain master degree through the joint cooperation between universities from both China and New Zealand. New Zealand schools recognize domestic colleges and universities’ related professional courses, students can complete the relevant courses in the domestic universities, and after passing the New Zealand's English Entrance Examination (equivalent to CET 4), you can directly attend university’s  7-class bachelor courses for one year, and those who pass the exams  can obtain New Zealand University’s  7-class bachelor diploma, for students who get the average score of more than B+/71 can get a master's offer of admission. During this period, students have two chances to apply for full-time jobs and immigration opportunities  with open work visas for one year - respectively, after finishing the Diploma in Business Administration – Level 7  or master degree in university.

2、Program Superiority

• Official Certified and Formal Channel: The program is approved and recommended by the Ministry of Education in New Zealand and the Chinese Embassy. Master's degree is approved by the Ministry of education in China。

• Free of IELTS and Foundation Courses:  No rigid IELTS requirements, which lower  the entrance threshold and save one year’s foundation costs in New Zealand。

• Less Costs : Compared to Europe and the United States, the cost can be saved nearly to 50%. Bachelor tuition for the first year is  about CHY 80,000,  Lincoln University will offer 10,000 New Zealand currency for Master-upgrade scholarship。

• Oversea Working Guarantee: Lincoln University has the highest employment rate of New Zealand。

• Graduated Bachelor Students can be directly upgraded to Master Education: Master department of the New Zealand universities will directly admit the graduated bachelor students who have passed this program, which achieves the real free of interviews, real free of  IELTS, and accelerated degrees from bachelor to master without any domestic performance requirements。

• Excellence Scholarships: Students who get outstanding achievements will be obtained Excellence Scholarships from the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand, ANZ bank and other colleges and universities in New Zealand。

3、Program Requirements

• Junior Students at School(Lincoln University will also accept Junior students at technical colleges )。

• Free of IELTS, only need to pass the New Zealand University’s English Entrance Examination (equivalent to CET 4) 。

• Foreign language, humanities or business related majors are preferred, students in other majors can also apply for it。

4、Partners in New Zealand

Lincoln University ( Highly Recommended )

Lincoln University was founded in 1878, it’s a comprehensive university famous for agriculture and gardening in New Zealand even in the world. Over hundred years, Lincoln University has constantly reached the pinnacles of teaching and research, thus enjoying great prestige in the international scholastic circle. Especially, the University has made outstanding achievements in such sectors as Business Adminsitration, natural resources and natural science.

The campus is located about 20km outside the city of Christchurch, about 30 mins drive.

There are 50 hectares of campus with 730 hectares of experiment farms and gardens base around.  And other school and other institute of about 1000 hectares of farmland throughout the province of Canterbury with rich land resources. The course of Hositality management is also available in Lincoln University, which is the most popular major with a high employment market.

 University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury is New Zealand’s second highest ranked university at 242nd in the world. It was founded in 1873, which makes it the second-oldest higher education institution in the country.  The University has an international reputation for academic excellence in both teaching and research. Nobel Laureate Ernest Rutherford, one of New Zealand’s most successful and respected scientists was also graduated from here. The University community currently comprises 23,000 students(that’s include 21,000 domestic students and 2,000 international students.) and an academic staff of 1700.It’s located in 75 hectares of park-like surroundings, only 10 minutes drive to city of Christchurch. The university is made up of seven faculties, which offer a vibrant campus environment with the ideal academic atmosphere. Major of engineering and accounting are international giants in education.

Massey University

Established in 1927, Massey University is one of the younger universities in New Zealand, but has rapidly grown to become one of the country’s largest. It‘s a comprehensive university with the largest number of students and campus in New Zealand. The university is made up of five faculties and three campuses, which cover business, sciences, arts, education & humanities. The three campuses situated in three main cities include Wellington, Palmerston North and Auckland. It’s New Zealand’s third ranked university at 52nd in the World. And the Business school ranked no.1 in New Zealand, the major of finance ranked no.1 in Asia-Pacfic region, and the major of Marketing ranked no.1 in Australia and New Zealand.


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